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La Dolphin Connection is fully dedicated to the dolphins issue: against their slaughter and captivity. One of our main objectives is to fight for the prohibition and closure of dolphinariums in the European Union. Two complementary actions are necessary to succeed: increase public awareness and take legal actions.

You agree with these goals, if you want to support us, participate in our actions and help us to implement them? These are the reasons why we made it possible to join the Dolphin Connection! Because, becoming a member implies giving a prompt contribution for several reasons.

As a member, you first five us the financial support necessary to any active association. But, we hope that, as a member, you will consider all the possible ways to be involved in the association if you wish it. for instance: You want to set up a center in your geographical area? You want to organise an information stand and make the problematics linked to dolphins captivity public? We need you for this!

How to become a member of the association?

In order for everybody to feel free to give the contribution they want, you can choose between two types of membership: a monthly contribution (from €5 per month) and an annual contribution (from €30 per year). Obviously, you can cancel or modify the amount of your contribution anytime via Paypal or simply by sending an email to

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If you prefer becoming a member by giving a donation (by cheque or Paypal) of any amount by clicking on “Donate” below. Any donation greater than €30 will automatically be considered as an annual membership! 🙂

Why joining us and what brings membership?

Why joining us in concrete terms? And above all, what brings membership? These are two excellent questions! 😀 Below, you will find a quick summary in 3 key points.

Our objectives:

1. Increase public awareness of the dolphins issue, through the organisation of events, and the development of information stands:

La Dolphin Connection carries values and ideas that lead us to severely condemn, morally, dolphins and cetaceans captivity. We want people to know the reasons that lead us to think this way: because of the extraordinary social and cognitive development, the dolphins should have rights of the people, starting with the rights to life and liberty.

On this question, La Dolphin Connection is the messenger of the principles contained in the Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans: Dolphins and Whales adopted on May 26th, 2010 in Helsinki. The dolphins should be treated as “non-human persons” (expression used by the specialists), a status fundamentally incompatible with dolphinariums activities, which reduce them at the range of slaves.

Spread these ideas and increase public awareness is the first objective of La Dolphin Connection. Make these objectives come true implies organising actions in a broad sense (events, stands), and giving media coverage to our message (online, in regular media). But, this single approach, even though necessary, is not sufficient.

2. Organise partnerships with associations, to have enough power to be heard on dolphins issue:

La Dolphin Connection has a strong specificity: one of its core objective consists in settling a collaboration platform between organisations that fight for the same objectives as ours. Our medium-term objective is to gather enough resources (human and financial) to collectively attack dolphinariums exactly where it hurts!

Even before the association was set up, the former operations were conducted in partnership with Réseau Cétacés (“Cetaceans Network”), then Sea Shepherd and Conscience Dauphins (“Dolphins Awareness”). La Dolphin Connection now “officialise” these partnerships, and especially wants to strengthen and spread them. The objective of our association is to be a pioneer in terms of dolphins’ freedom in Europe.

As the saying goes: united we stand. By taking actions against dolphins captivity, The Dolphin Connection wants to gather and act in close cooperation with the other players of the dolphins issue. Our motto is the following: “Gather and stay united to be 100% efficient” !

3. Attack the dolphinariums exactly where it hurts:

This is the final objective, on the long term, of La Dolphin Connection: take legal and collective actions against dolphinariums. We think that this is the only way to change the deal: it must be acknowledged that dolphins are not adapted to captivity, and that dolphinariums cannot meet the requirements of animal well-being as defined by the law.

In addition, and contrary to their “official” scope, dolphinariums do neither convey any valid educative message, nor suggest any valuable scientific studies . The only reason they exist is commercial. In other terms, aquatic parks showing cetaceans beat the game.

To these “technical” reasons, we should add a fundamental one. Considering the scientific knowledge, the treatment reserved to captive dolphins is unethical and immoral. Because they have all the qualities to be considered as “persons”, the dolphins should be given positive rights (the rights to life, liberty, and to the respect of their environment).

Why become a member and join the association?

Here is a summary of the objectives of the Dolphin Connection. And why become a member? Simply because, if you join us, we can start making them come true right now. 🙂

Thank you for your support!
La Dolphin Connection team